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Michael Wilson

Selected Readings

Miner, H. “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema.”

Momaday, N. S. Way to Rainy Mountain

Ortiz, S. “Towards a National Indian Literature”

Silko, L. Storyteller (Selections)

Wilson, M. Writing Home, Chapters 1 and  3


Palmer, J. Origins.

Silko, L. and J. Berzanskis. Lee Marmon Gallery.


Michael D. Wilson, Associate Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, is recognized as a specialist in Native American literature with an emphasis on U.S. Indigenous writers and their connections to tribal sovereignty as well as the place of oral traditions within contemporary Native American writing. A celebrated teacher, Wilson provides a model for how to engage in difficult dialogues about diversity and differences across cultural and gender lines. Dr. Wilson has presented at other NEH institutes.