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John Purdy

Selected Readings

McNickle, D. Wind from an Enemy Sky.

Bevis, W.  "Bad Medicine:  D'Arcy McNickle Locates Liberalism and the Left from a Tribal Perspective."  In Regionalists on the Left. 

McNickle, D.  "Train Time."  In Singing the Spirit

Purdy, J. "The 1990s."  In Writing Indian, Native Conversations.




John Purdy, Emeritus Professor, Western Washington University, has published in a variety of genres, most currently expanded to include fiction. The foremost expert on D’Arcy McNickle, author of a text central to our institute (Wind From an Enemy Sky), Purdy brings a deep knowledge of the Salish homeland as depicted in the writings of McNickle. He has also co-edited a popular teaching text on Native American literature: Nothing But the Truth. A veteran of NEH workshops, seminars, and institutes teaching, Dr. Purdy brings decades of valuable experience to our teachers in terms of how to approach the subject matter and incorporation of materials into high school classrooms