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Jeane Breinig

Selected Readings

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Tall Mountain, M. "Voice for the Voiceless."  In Anchorage Daily News, November 13, 1994 

Wallis, V.  Two Old Women


Jeane Breinig (Haida), Professor, specializes in American Literature with an emphasis in American Indian and Alaska Native Literatures. She is co-editor and contributing author of A Retrospective Analysis of Alaska Statehood from Native Perspectives (2011) and Alaska Native Writers, Storytellers & Orators: The Expanded Edition (1999). She has publications in American Indian Quarterly, Studies in American Indian LiteraturesAtlantis: A Women's Studies Journal, among others. Her research interests include oral history, Native language restoration, and decolonizing theories and methodologies. She has written Haida language arts curriculum, completed a Haida elders' interview project, and co-produced a video based on the interviews.