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Harald Gaski

Selected Readings

Evjen and Beck, “Growing Indigenous Influence on Research,” In Mapping Indigenous Presence

Gaski, H.  “Indigenism and Cosmopolitanism.“  In AlterNative – An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples

Gaski, H. “Indigenous Peoples' Stories and Values.”  In The Rama People: Struggling for Land and Culture.

Gaski, H. “Looking Both Ways: Future and Tradition in Nils-Aslak Valkeapää's Poetry,” In Mapping Indigenous Presence.

Gaski, H. “Nils-Aslak Valkeapää: Indigenous Voice and Multimedia Artist."  In AlterNative – an international journal for Indigenous peoples

Gaski, H.   "The Secretive Text."  In Sámi Folkloristics. 

Gaski, H. “Song, Poetry and Images in Writing: Sami literature.”  In Nordlit 27. 

Gaski, H.” Voice in the Margin: A Suitable Place for a Minority Literature.”  In Sami Culture in a New Era. The Norwegian Sami Experience

Gaski, H. “When the thieves became masters in the land of the shamans.”  In Nordlit 15.   

Gaski, H. “Yoik – Sami Music in a Global World.”  In Indigenous Peoples: Self-determination, Knowledge, Identity




Harald Gaski, Associate Professor, University of Tromsø, Norway, is internationally known for his extraordinary research on Sami language, literature, culture, and history, Professor Gaski brings a wealth of knowledge to bear on the broader study of Indigenous peoples and their literatures. He has created extraordinarily valuable collections of Sami literatures in all genres and made them available to scholars and the reading public; he is in demand around the world as a public speaker and collaborator in Indigenous studies projects, notably in New Zealand and South America.