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Student Instructions for Library Lesson Plan

Making the Grade

Student Instructions for Library Lesson Plan by Jillian Van Ells

Your Job

You and your partner will examine a picture book from our collection. Using a variety of sources, including databases, books, and websites, you will research the tribe depicted in the text and illustrations in order to determine whether the book presents an accurate/fair representation of the tribe. You will also identify stereotypes, if any, present in the book. Based on your findings, you will give the book a grade from A to F. You and your partner will then create a video or audio recording to explain your grading of the book. Finally, you will develop a grade label to be affixed to the cover of the book.  This label will include a QR code to access your recording.

How to get started

Today, you and your partner will start by looking at the illustrations and recording what you learn about the people and their life from these pictures. For example: Chief Seattle (Sealth) wore a headdress. You will then do the same with the text. These observations will become the basis for your research. To develop your research questions, you will flip these observations into researchable questions. For example: Did Chief Seattle (Sealth) wear a feather headdress?

Next Steps

Over the next several classes, you and your partner will conduct research using a variety of resources to answer the questions you developed today. The answers to these questions will guide your grading of your book.