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Kevin Kicking Woman

Kevin Kicking Woman was born on the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning Montana, his father was Blackfeet and his mother, Cree.  He served in the U.S. Navy for four years, and after serving three tours overseas – one during Desert Storm – he was honorably discharged.  Kicking Woman holds a Title 7 certificate for teaching Blackfoot language, a BA in Native American Studies and Anthropology, and an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (2014) from the University of Montana. He is currently working in the College of Humanities and Sciences through the Dean’s Office, and has worked with the Bridges Program at the University assisting students on their path to a Baccalaureate degree.  Kevin has been raised, lives and practices his native ceremonies, traditions, singing and dancing, and is an active member of many of the societies and bundles of the Blackfeet People.  His passion for singing has brought him respect, acclaim and knowledge.  His singing, sharing and teaching others has impacted and enriched many lives. He lives in Missoula with his wife Joni, with whom he has six children. Mr. Kicking Woman offered a welcome song to the participants.