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Gyda Swaney

Gyda Swaney, Professor of Psychology, is an American Indian psychologist working with American Indians in a rural setting.  Her clinical work has focused on trauma (victims and offenders of physical and sexual abuse), grief, depression, substance abuse and addiction, and crisis intervention. She writes, "My clinical work orientation had been influenced primarily by holistic, cognitive-behavioral, and interpersonal approaches. My research has focused on trauma, grief, acculturation stress, behavioral health, and coping and resilience in American Indians and elderly American Indians. My research has been influenced by the methodological challenges that research with American Indians presents (e.g., traditional knowledge, indigenous methodology, tribal/community based participatory research, and ethics)." Dr. Swaney spoke to us about how Missoula was origninally Salish land, and she told us of the linguistic and cultural roots of the word "Missoula."